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The global mountain adventure club, built to connect, educate, and inspire our community.


Mountain education is a core value of the Altus Mtn Club. We have structured our content delivery to educate our members, whilst achieving an inclusive, approachable, and accessible learning environment. First off, we have custom one-of-a-kind online courses ranging from Glacier Travel to Top Rope Climbing. We are continually creating online courses and content to educate our members. Coupled without our extensive online content, we run face-to-face courses, taught by ACMG guides, that are structured to bring people together to learn how to safely play in the mountains.


Connecting and building up our community is integral to the Altus Mtn Club, we believe in the empowerment of engaging with each other and our hobbies. Ultimately learning skills and experiencing what the mountains have to offer is what brings us together, and uniting under these common goals is what the Altus Mtn Club is all about. To foster this environment we provide a platform through three methods: online community, events, and trips.

The Altus Mtn Club is designed to create better accessibility to high-level education, outdoor experiences and connection with other mtn enthusiasts.

Altus Mtn Club is our Mighty Network where we can share our tips, tricks and stories.

Online courses

Our team of certified guides has created a range of online courses to teach you the skills to feel more comfortable adventuring outdoors. As well as to serve as an ongoing resource to brush up on any skills you might have lost during the offseason. Courses will continue to be added from Ski Touring, Rock Climbing, Alpine Climbing, and Trail Running. All online courses range from 1 - 5 hours in duration.

Outdoor courses

With the Altus guides team and teaming up with other local guiding businesses, you will have access to a range of outdoor courses in your local community. Accessible education from certified guides.


Community is the key element to safe and enjoyable mountain adventures. Building momentum from your peers, inspiration from pros, or finding your next adventure partner. From free skills events, evening slide shows, or our annual Winterstoke and Skyfest festivals we create opportunities to continuously grow our mtn community.

Mountain consulting

Knowledge is power and we want to share our knowledge! All Mtn Club members can chat with one of our certified guides for advice on gear, conditions, route beta, and more. We are here to help you decide and prepare for your next outdoor adventure.

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